DeNure Tours research/strategy results in re-positioned brand

The DeNure Tours re-branding and brand strategy dug deep to identify and define the up-and-coming market for DeNure Tours as the new 50+ market segment. RadonicRodgers conducted extensive research and analysis, with in-person target market focus surveys. Brand training workshops were also conducted internally with the new brand values, assisting employees to live the brand in their marketplace, all in an aligned way.

The new visual identity of the branding included brand promise, brand messaging and tone, as well as visual iconography for photo usage guidelines and principles. The brand values/pillars developed to support the brand strategy are: Inspiring, Fun, Interesting to influence all business activities including product development. The new tag line is “World of inspiration.”

A descriptive brand manifesto video was developed to help align the staff and internal processes to the new branding values.

In a recent issue of OMCA’s Road Explorer Magazine, Ray DeNure explains the need and execution of the rebranding exercise, “Our clientelle want to know what we’re going to do next – where we’re going, and that is what our new branding is all about.”

Ray explains further, “DeNure Tours enlisted the expertise of industry marketing expert RadonicRodgers Strategy+, a long-standing member of Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA), to help them arrive at their new logo which reflects the company’s new branding. It was RadonicRodgers that conducted a complete brand and positioning analysis for OMCA as well, identifying the brand pillars to use the OMCA initials: Opportunity Mutual Care Advice.”

“One of the main things we’ve learned is that a brand is not just a logo,” Julia Bryan said. “We looked closely at what we do, how we do it, who we serve, and we arrived at our new logo. Our brand is about inspiring people to travel, and to offer fascinating and inspiring destinations, authentic experiences, as well as to inspire a better knowledge of the world.”

“We really did look at everything we do,” Ray said. “Every time you turn a kaleidoscope, you see something a little different. And that is how we approached our rebranding, looking at every tour and every product, turning them just a little bit differently in order to inspire people.”

CASE STUDY: First small digital campaign

Upon launching of the revised brand strategy, the first new paid media campaign promoting a tour to New Foundland achieved 1 million views, 5,000 clicks, 50% increase in Web traffic, 25% increase in leads, and 10% bookings increase.