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We cannot believe it has been a year since Covid-19 arrived on North American shores. It has completely halted the travel industry and affected all of us deeply. We at Radonic+ Travel & Tourism Marketing specialize in the same industry, so all of our clients have been affected and so have we.

Many of our clients have taken the time to stop and re-evaluate their businesses, re-brand, precision focus on a unique and differentiating niche within the industry. Some have focused on re-launching their websites and digital marketing initiatives. While others have worked on updating their social media strategies. We are thankful that we have been able to help in these areas which are all are in our scope of expertise.

Currently, we are working on a website redesign and development for a tour operator and a branding project for a new airline launching within the Americas. We are just putting the finishing touches on a tour operator brochure for our longest-standing client, whom we have worked with for over 24 years.

Now is the time to re-think and get ready for the re-start of the travel industry. We are in this together, and we want to help. We are working with our clients on payment terms and flexible payment plans that are within their budgets.

Let’s have a short chat, discuss how we can help, and set-up an affordable and flexible payment plan. Book your call with our founder Edward Radonic by clicking the following link: