RadonicRodgers helps kid develop App to support charity

14-year-old entrepreneur develops game app for charity.

RadonicRodgers Strategy+ is proud to announce our part in helping Kiva.org help entrepreneurs in developing countries. We have partnered with our youngest client, 14-year-old Thomas to help him establish a gaming app called CHIP SMASHER available on the iTunes App Store for 99¢. He is donating all his profits from the app towards Kiva.org which provides microloans to assist would-be entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The Entrepreneurial Fair (E-­fair) is a student exhibit of entrepreneurial projects in which business ideas and products to sell for profit are created, and profits are donated to help others.

The E­-fair teaches students about business, marketing, sales, working with suppliers, investing and managing money. The best part — students are also helping other entrepreneurs in developing countries with micro loans, who then will have the capital to better their family’s lives.

Thomas came up with the whole business idea, designed the game, along with the concept, game play and the name ­Chip Smasher. RadonicRodgers has helped make his dream a reality with graphic design, programming and app development.

About the App:

The game play is to smash as many chips as possible, avoid hazards and unlock new chip flavours, achievements and levels. Chips, apps and helping others are among his favourite things so he decided to combine them to get the perfect outcome. Thomas is all about helping those less fortunate along with providing his customers an excellent gaming experience.

By purchasing Chip Smasher for 99 cents you also donating the profits from the app to Kiva.

Help Thomas help others and have some fun along the way. Chip Smasher is available on iTunes’ App Store or simply search CHIP SMASHER.

To learn more about Chip Smasher and Kiva.org contact:
Ed Radonic, Partner, RadonicRodgers Strategy+
418-B Hanlan Rd #19, Vaughan, ON L4L4Z1, Canada Office: (905) 695­ 0575 x 330 er@radonicrodgers.com