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Marketing for Chinese market wins /p3
Specializing your Travel & Tourism product /p4
Get the Facts on CASL, Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation /p7
Breaking out of the branding mold /p8
TRAVEL CONSUL global marketing network launched
WEAREPLEASEDtoannounce the launch of TRAVEL CONSUL and RadonicRodgers Strategy+ char- ter membership for the Canadian marketplace. The global Travel marketing alliance has offices in Canada (RadonicRodgers), USA, Mexico, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, China and
the Pacific Rim, with advertising, public relations, media and marketing firms spread across five continents all specializing in Travel and Tourism.
This global network provides mem- bers with a platform for cultivating and maintaining business from a global Travel & Tourism perspective.
F” acilitatestruly global Travel &
Tourism brand
RadonicRodgers is proud to be a member of the network that will offer our clients new resources and exper- tise in markets throughout the world.
“We are delighted to join our TRAVEL CONSUL colleagues in
this one-of-a-kind Travel & Tourism marketing communications network of top global specialists. It is no secret that Canada is a travel-rich
marketplaceforglobalTravel& Tourism brands. RadonicRodgers’
deep expertise in Travel & Tourism will enable us to contribute to the mutual global success of the net- work clients,” said RadonicRodgers Managing Partner and co-founder. Edward Radonic.
“The broadening of global brand initiatives that is enabled by TRAVEL CONSUL, facilitates truly global Travel & Tourism brand marketing — from place-branding and destination mar- keting to Travel conveyance and attrac- tion gate receipts,” said Ross Rodgers, RadonicRodgers’ Managing Innovator
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Ross Rodgers
Ed Radonic
Increased Cuba’s visitation from 637k to 1 million
RADONICRODGERS Strategy+ was the Cuba Tourist Board’s Agency of record for four years for all media strategy across Canada.
Through RadonicRodgers national strategic media planning and placing of variousmediumsincludingonlineand
traditional media for both the con- sumer and trade markets, the overall results saw the number of annual Canadian visitors rise from 637,000 to almost 1 million. This repre- sented an increase of 55%, during aglobalfinancialcrisis. ●●
Havana, Cuba
info@radonicrodgers.com — Toll free: 1-800-585-3029 — www.radonicrodgers.com 1

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