Edward Radonic,
Managing Director

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Strategist, Travel & Tourism expert and most of all, passionate cheerleader for our client’s success! As a marketing practitioner for over 25 years, and co-founder of Radonic+ Travel & Tourism Marketing in 1997, Edward has earned accolades attributed to his entrepreneurship, founded 6 firms, navigated multiple mergers, acquisitions and sales of firms. He…

Jarold Muino, Creative Director

Jarold Muiño,
Creative Director

Graduated from the Institute of Design in Havana, Cuba in 2001. Joined Radonic+ Travel & Tourism Marketing in 2006, has been part of our team for over 15 years. He has been responsible for the conceptualization and development of world-wide advertising campaigns, as well as the creation of brands for companies, products, travel brands, destinations,…