Legal COVID protocols for the Travel & Tourism workplace

• Can vaccinations be required of employees and guests? • How to deal with mask refusals & Human Rights? Many thanks to OMCA, the Ontario Motor Coach Association, and the lawyers at Miller Thomson for facilitating this very informative legal presentation.  Inna Koldorfand and Michael Cleveland, of Miller Thomson, Avocats | Lawyers discusses workplace-related issues with members… Read more »

Airbnb, full steam ahead…

The disruptive nature of Airbnb in hospitality and experiences is legendary. And now as of June 2019, the service has expanded into attractions and adventures. The new Airbnb Adventures platform adds to its Experiences offerings in a way that might make tour operators nervous, with innovative offerings from culturally-embedded intineraries to unique collections of experiences… Read more »

Vacation from home = vacation from your phone

How do the new phone-free zones at resorts enhance your vacation experience In our modern society, we use our phones almost everywhere, even when we are on vacation. It’s all too common to see people glued to their screens. Phones keep us connected to what goes on back home, but isn’t the point of a… Read more »

FB Watch Icon

Facebook launched Watch, their answer to YouTube.

A year ago Facebook launched Watch, the social media organization’s answer to YouTube. It has taken some time for it to start rolling, only available internationally since August 2018. Facebook also launched IGTV over the summer to run alongside Watch on their sister social network Instagram. Facebook says Watch now has over 500 million… Read more »

Carly and Charley’s Dragon’s Den pitch

Warm feet = Warm hearts, for Carly and Charley’s Dragon’s Den pitch.

RadonicRodgers has donated the package design for the Odd-Soxproject featured on the TV show, Dragon’s Den. Carly and Charley are two inspirational 10-year-old girls with a big idea and a plan featured on the TV show Dragon’s Den. Their idea is the “Odd-Sox Project”, conceived in November 2015, and arose out of the ‘Great Mystery of the… Read more »

Sanctuary Ministries Toronto

Sanctuary outreach provides dignity

Helping Toronto’s Homeless and less fortunate. On behalf of our clients and in lieu of Christmas gifts, RadonicRodgers has been donating annually for several years to the Sanctuary Ministries Toronto. Sanctuary is a charitable organization that brings hope, value and purpose to those less fortunate in Toronto’s downtown area. They do this by offering arts… Read more »

social media strategies: Facebook

Facebook isn’t going away just yet.

Facebook is actually expanding its reach in dramatic fashion. Check out the quick video bite below from the April 2016 F8 Developer conference. If you thought Facebook was slowly going to disappear from the social media scene. Think again! After watching this video bite from Facebook’s F8 developer conference event, it’s evident that there is far more to come… Read more »

Steve Jobs

Apple’s re-brand: from the brink to world’s largest, most profitable firm

It is 1997 and Apple is about to go bankrupt — prior to this Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. During his absence he got involved with Pixar, let’s just say everyone did very well with Steve Jobs involvement, including Jobs himself, Pixar and Disney. Later, Apple begged him to come back to save Apple from bankruptcy. At this time… Read more »

Video Power Play

The power of video – impressive numbers tell no lies

Take notice of these statistics, they illustrate the power of video as part of today’s marketing arsenal. Start incorporating video into your marketing media. Replace long winded explanations and sales copy with short and pointed videos on your Website and social media properties. Your message can be organized into a series of short videos that… Read more »

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube’s most popular Video ads had one thing in common

July 2015’s most popular YouTube ads had one thing in common: You couldn’t stop watching them. Videos Increase engagement: Viewers spend 100 percent more time on pages with videos on them (MarketingSherpa) while more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month, spending more than 4 billion hours watching videos (YouTube). Below a play list – Top 10 Video Ads on Youtube this month.

How to Specialize Your Travel & Tourism Offering

Narrow your unique position for maximum effectiveness by Ross Rodgers – Managing Innovator, RadonicRodgers Have you ever wondered why so many companies in the travel and tourism industry position themselves pretty much the same way? Are they really all so similar? I suspect not. Yet so many travel companies stumble on this, and allow themselves… Read more »


London Calling, 35th World Travel Market 2014

The World Travel Market (WTM) is the leading global travel industry event that features over 100 seminars, 5,000 exhibitors from 184 countries. This 4 day event kept me hopping from morning to late in the evening. At this 35th World Travel Market event, World Travel Leaders celebrated the industry’s achievements consisting of various expert panels debating on… Read more »

Branding Alignment Videos – Living The Brand

Must see branding and brand alignment videos… $100,000 of Brand Strategy Advice in 15 minutes. by Sasha Strauss   Creating A Living Brand by Dr. Neeli Bendapudi

Get the facts on Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation (CASL)

There has been much confusion regarding the new legal requirements of CASL, Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation and how this new legislation will actually affect digital communications. Unfortunately, it will probably do nothing to stop the actual spammers, as many are out side the country, and don’t even know or care that the law has come into effect… Read more »

STRATEGY 25th Anniversary digs up Ross Rodgers brand

Ross Rodgers, Partner & Managing Innovator at RadonicRodgers Strategy+, developed the STRATEGY Magazine original brand back in the 80’s! Did you know Ross’ work also won an award for the best-designed newspaper in the world, in its circulation class, for his work on the Kingston Whig Standard? Other publications such as the National Post GOLF,… Read more »

RadonicRodgers & ONLINE REVEALED: eight-year relationship

RadonicRodgers has been involved with ONLINE REVEALED for 8 years now, and are looking forward to attending again this year. New this year is the Student Mentoring Session “Game Changer” we are participating as Mentors and Sponsors. This is the original and the only Online Marketing Conference in Canada for Hospitality and Tourism Professionals. Don’t… Read more »

WinterBoob ’14 Travel charity supports breast cancer research

OpenJaw faithfully organizes an annual Travel & Tourism industry charity event, at Hockley Valley Resort, in support of breast cancer research. RadonicRodgers has been supporting this event with various sponsorships for 8 years, during this period helping raise approx. $50,000 by donating our company’s services, printing and signage each year, as well as auction items donated such as… Read more »

Edward Radonic:
SEO, Content Marketing & Social Media

Edward Radonic presented a overview seminar on “SEO, Content Marketing & Social Media” at the 2013 OMCA Conference. Here’s a copy of the slide deck for you if you are interested. View slide deck here.

TOP 10 Reasons why people travel in groups…

TOP Ten Reasons why people travel in groups 10) Common interests, niche groups. 9) Celebrations 8) Food & Wine 7) Fundraising & Charities 6) Group rates are better value 5) Religious Groups 4) Family Reunions 3) Females 2) School Reunions 1) Sports Spectator or Leagues Courtesy of: Premier Tourism Marketing, Jeff Gayduk

Breast Cancer Charity Cruise Aboard Black Diamond!

RadonicRodgers, through Ed’s sailboat Black Diamond Yachts supports WinterBoob each year, a Travel Industry Charity fundraiser in support of Breast Cancer. Pictured here are travel professionals who got together and purchased a cruise on Black Diamond at the Winter Boob charity auction.