Sanctuary Ministries Toronto

Sanctuary outreach provides dignity

Helping Toronto’s Homeless and less fortunate. On behalf of our clients and in lieu of Christmas gifts, RadonicRodgers has been donating annually for several years to the Sanctuary Ministries Toronto. Sanctuary is a charitable organization that brings hope, value and purpose to those less fortunate in Toronto’s downtown area. They do this by offering arts… Read more »

social media strategies: Facebook

Facebook isn’t going away just yet.

Facebook is actually expanding its reach in dramatic fashion. Check out the quick video bite below from the April 2016 F8 Developer conference. If you thought Facebook was slowly going to disappear from the social media scene. Think again! After watching this video bite from Facebook’s F8 developer conference event, it’s evident that there is far more to come… Read more »

Steve Jobs

Apple’s re-brand: from the brink to world’s largest, most profitable firm

It is 1997 and Apple is about to go bankrupt — prior to this Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. During his absence he got involved with Pixar, let’s just say everyone did very well with Steve Jobs involvement, including Jobs himself, Pixar and Disney. Later, Apple begged him to come back to save Apple from bankruptcy. At this time… Read more »