Steve Jobs

Apple’s re-brand: from the brink to world’s largest, most profitable firm

It is 1997 and Apple is about to go bankrupt — prior to this Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. During his absence he got involved with Pixar, let’s just say everyone did very well with Steve Jobs involvement, including Jobs himself, Pixar and Disney. Later, Apple begged him to come back to save Apple from bankruptcy. At this time someone very close to me, who will remain unnamed bought $1,000 worth of shares of Apple for $8 at the time. After you watch this clip, see below on how he did with his investment 19 years later.

Within 3 weeks of coming back to Apple, Steve Jobs came up with a plan. The company needed a new vision, a new purpose for being, something that would make Apple great again. This is where they decided to “Think Different”.

This video was a recording of this initial Confidential meeting with only their top executives and managers. Steve Jobs was launching the vision of the company. The company Manifesto. The new Brand vision and foundations, that would eventually not only save Apple, but turn it into the world’s largest and most profitable company. He changed Apple and Changed the world.

He didn’t care if they agreed with it, this is what needed to be done. Many left the company at this time, many stayed, and the rest is history.

It was Sept. 23, 1997

Steve Jobs in shorts, casual, relaxed, during this internal meeting, speaks briefly about planned changes in company (pipeline, products, distribution changes) and then presents initial information about the planned “Think Different” campaign, now legendary and iconic… Samples of TV commercial, outdoor, posters, and press ads.

My close associate never sold his shares. 19 years later his $1,000 is worth $150,000. With Dividends and other strategic investment actions he earns an annual $10,000 return on his $1,000 investment, and still holds the $150,000 in equity.

Had he invested $10,000, you can multiply those returns by 10.

Ok we aren’t all going to have Apple’s success, But I just wanted to share this little story.

If you are part of the leadership team at your organization, its time to start “thinking differently” — define your purpose for being, your brand, your corporate manifesto. RadonicRodgers has helped Travel & Tourism firms go through this exercise. Give us a call and lets chat about how we can help you and we would be happy to share some of our clients success stories with you.