Warm feet = Warm hearts, for Carly and Charley’s Dragon’s Den pitch.

Carly and Charley are two inspirational 10-year-old girls with a big idea and a plan featured on the TV show Dragon’s Den.

Their idea is the “Odd-Sox Project”, conceived in November 2015, and arose out of the ‘Great Mystery of the Missing Sock’ conundrum that we all face. How many times has your washing machine or clothes dryer mysteriously “eaten” one of your socks? One sock goes missing and you end up with a single useless sock? Multiply that many times, over the course of a year.

Just like all of us, Carly and Charley noticed this household phenomenon and came up with a charitable solution that converts “useless single socks” into vital “pairs” for the needy. The insightful solution was inspired by their own penchant for wearing “2 different single socks” as a fun fashion statement. This was the inspiration for the entrepreneurial idea to design their own sock line, which will soon be available at www.thebay.com

These kind-hearted and visionary young girls are now the face of www.odd-sox.org

For every pair of Odd-Sox sold, they will donate a pair of socks to those in need. Over 40,000 pairs of socks have been collected and donated in Canada and are now going worldwide to needy folks everywhere.
You can check their collection at: www.carlyandcharleyssinglesox.com

RadonicRodgers has donated the package design for the Odd-Soxproject which was featured on the TV show, Dragon’s Den.