How to Specialize Your Travel & Tourism Offering

Narrow your unique position for maximum effectiveness

by Ross Rodgers – Managing Innovator, RadonicRodgers

Have you ever wondered why so many companies in the travel and tourism industry position themselves pretty much the same way? Are they really all so similar? I suspect not. Yet so many travel companies stumble on this, and allow themselves to be commoditized and marginalized to the point where they must compete on price with every other travel provider.

They do this by offering way too much product and in way too many categories of travel while constantly having to frantically scramble to ensure product pricing is up-to-the-minute and priced to sell. They are effectively spread too thin and afraid to settle on one strong specialty – afraid that they might lose out on business that the “do-everything-for-everyone” model supposedly brings in.

So how do you specialize yourself, especially in a world so populated with similar marketing messages, pricing models, and best practices? RadonicRodgers Strategy+ dives into how you can focus on a specialty, why niche positioning draws ready-to-purchase buyers, and the importance of committing to your positioning with a focused identity at the following positioning paper: Positioning: Specializing Your Travel & Tourism Offering.