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Cuba account won on merits
of RR/Cuban experience
HAVANA • RadonicRodgers and the Cuba Tourist Bureau are pleased to announce their new business relationship. Starting with the 2007 campaign year, RadonicRodgers will be handling all media buying for Ontario and Quebec, in addition to developing a strategic media plan. This includes outdoor media such as billboards, public transit and airports; broadcast media, including national and local TV, and radio; as well as trade publications and other print media. RadonicRodgers is the Agency of Record for the bureau in the Canadian Market—RadonicRodgers will also assist with trade show promotions, retail POP and other print collateral on an ongoing basis.
Edward Radonic, managing partner says, “RadonicRodgers is the only full-service
marketing company in Canada that has a travel industry specialty, and also has experience providing marketing for Cuban clients such as Sol Melia Hotels, for whom we also purchase Canadian media. There are also Cuba specialist tour operators that we produce brochures and advertising for, such as Hola Sun in Toronto, and Caribe Sol in Montreal. Cuba-focused Solways Travel and Solways Holidays, full service travel agencies and tour operators, are also RadonicRodgers clients. In addition, we have dozens of other clients within the travel industry. With all this experience in travel marketing, especially with Cuba, we
had a lot to offer the Cuba Tourist Bureau.” Carlos Zambrano Director of Cuba
Tourist Bureau Ontario, and Rosa Adela Mejias Jimenez, Director of Cuba Tourist Bureau Quebec, both agreed that the
RadonicRodgers approach brought in the full service philosophy needed to fulfill all their marketing needs, and that the communica- tions firm will be bringing a tremendous amount of value to the relationship. ●●
this just in...
▲ LEFT TO RIGHT: Roland Leduc, RR Account Executive on the Cuba Tourist Bureau account; Rosa Adela Mejias Jimenez, Director of Cuba Tourist Bureau Quebec; Carlos Zambrano, Director of Cuba Tourist Bureau Ontario; Edward Radonic , Managing Partner; Ross Rodgers, Creative Services Partner.
Not your traditional company Christmas get-together
RENAISSANCE HOTEL • A Christmas party should be so much more than tacky decorations, cocktails, and a CD playing on repeat in the background. This sad—but a far too often endured— epidemic has swept the nation and RadonicRodgers is dedicated to curing it...
Ladies and gentlemen mark it on your calendars; December 6th, at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Toronto, RadonicRodgers plans on
bringing down the house. In honour of their many travel clients and companies with a Cuba focus, now including the Cuba Tourist Bureau— the theme for this year’s holiday party is Noches
de la Habana or en Ingles: Havana Nights.
Complete with live, traditional Cuban entertain- ment, a DJ spinning all night long, surprise guest per- formances, a 20-course meal, and open bar—this party will be the event of
the year... a night to remember... the party where everybody who is anybody will be seen... and any other clichéd sayings you can think of; the RadonicRodgers’ Christmas Party 2006 will be all of that... and more. Look for your invitation in the mail in a few days! ●●
▼ BOTTOM: The RadonicRodgers’ Christmas party event in 2005 “Carribbean Fire” featured fire-breathing limbo dancers, live performance by rapper “Rasta-Phil”, DJ Marius, and
an unexpected special five alarm appearance by the fire department!
2 What is “design by marketing” anyways?
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