Traffic doubles for Muskoka campaign “Take Back Winter!”

Objective: Develop a creative online social media campaign for Muskoka Tourism that would increase social media engagement and site traffic during the slower winter season, increasing traffic to conversion pages and developing into sales for their tourism stakeholders.

This should be easy — convincing winter-weary Canadians to go up north during one of the harshest winters on record, remember the polar vortex and ice storms? RadonicRodgers Strategy+ developed the creative campaign, branding, animation story line, digital animations, marketing phrase, copywriting and microsite, executed a digital media buy and social engagement.

Utilized: Online Google PPC, Facebook and Twitter Social media campaigns.

Results: As a test project, with a small budget of just a few thousand dollars to run for just over a month, phenomenal results were obtained as indicated with the below stats.

Google Analytics Overview: Site traffic increased 109% year-over-year, more than double same time period previous year. Site visitations reached the same level as during summer peak traffic periods in the Muskokas.

  • Number of visitors to your site generated = 6495 clicks
  • 10,212 total animation & landing page views at
  • Reach of Facebook ads (Total reach) = 552,849
  • Facebook Impressions = 902,735
  • Google PPC Impressions = 1,455,925
  • Total Campaign impressions = 2,358,660

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