OneSky Airline Branding & Aircraft Exterior Livery Design

OneSky Airline Branding

One Sky is a new airline that is about to launch with operations servicing short-haul flights from the state of Florida to South America, with a long-term vision of expanding to North America, Europe and South Africa.

The One Sky identity is built out of the concept of global unification – a single sky that connects all destinations. The core visual identity is the inner circle of the “O” which represents the view seen from the window of an airplane and, at the same time, is a visual analogy of the sun and the moon. The two words that make up the name form a single path, reinforcing the concept of “connection and unity.”  In essence, the visual identity of One Sky is a portal to discovery and new encounters.  It is like looking up at the sky and wondering “where would I like to be tomorrow?”