DeNure Tours research and strategy results in re-launched branding

The DeNure Tours re-branding and brand strategy dug deep to identify and define the up-and-coming market for DeNure Tours as the new 50+ market segment. Extensive research was conducted, with in-person target market surveys and focus groups. Brand workshops were conducted by RadonicRodgers to launch the brand internally and train the staff on the new brand values, and how to represent and live the brand internally, and with their marketplace, all in an aligned way.

A new visual identity was developed to encapsulate the new brand strategy arising out of the research, data collection, and analysis. The identity parameters included brand promise, brand messaging and tone, as well as visual iconography for photo usage guidelines and principles.

The brand values/pillars developed to support the brand strategy are: Inspiring, Fun, Interesting

Upon launching of the revised brand strategy, a new paid media campaign achieved 1 million views, 5,000 clicks, 50% increase in Web traffic, 25% increase in leads, and 10% bookings increase.

A descriptive brand manifesto video was developed to help align the staff and internal processes to the new branding values.