PEI discovery video goes viral among islanders

RadonicRodgers Strategy+ embarked on a quest to Prince Edward Island (PEI) asking the question: “What is so special about PEI and the island life?” We filmed our discovery and learned a lot about the island in the making of the video. We targeted the video post to local Islanders so we could get their thoughts and insights. They responded in spades, sending the video into viral territory by sharing it and providing hundreds of comments. In only 2 weeks Islanders engaged by the thousands with reactions, comments and shares…

RESULTS: Video post generated passionate engagement levels with island population of 142,907 residents (2016 census), of which 63,983 people were reached – comparable to 44+% of the total population of PEI. Of that, a whopping 73% watched, 592 people shared, and 181 comments were received.

• Reach: 44+% of PEI population
• Video views: 73% of all people reached watched the video
• Shares: 592 viral shares
• Likes: 948
• Comments: 181

Facebook: See the video post here