RFP Waste Of Time

Why RFP’s are a waste of your time

The typical process of a company issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) often requires sending it to multiple vendors to obtain competitive offerings. For certain purchases, RFPs may make some sense — for example procuring commodities with clearly-defined technical needs. However, when purchasing branding and marketing partnerships, the process is fraught with risk and inefficiency for you, as the RFP issuing company.

For example, RFPs often request strategic direction or campaign ideas based on relatively superficial parameters of perceived business challenges. But here’s the thing, do you really want to spend hours on each proposal, digesting and assessing, trying to make a decision from a multitude of respondents, without an opportunity for deeper discussion with the experts?

See what Alison Demelis, of MediaCom Canada wrote in this Globe and Mail business sponsored content:
Why RFPs suck for brands hiring agencies >

With this in mind, if you send us an RFP, you’ll likely receive a response something like this:

Thank you for your interest in RadonicRodgers Strategy+. 

  • We specialize only in the Travel & Tourism industry, which includes hotels & resorts, destinations, tour operators, air lines, cruise lines, attractions and travel agency networks.
  • We are experts in digital marketing, PR, Social Media, SEO/SEM, Creative and Content Creation, Blogging, Video etc.
  • We produce world-wide results, including deep into the USA, from our base in Toronto, Canada.

Why we don’t typically respond to RFPs
We don’t typically respond to RFPs, but we’d love the opportunity to visit you (your office or our office) or do a quick conference call, and learn a bit more about your business challenges by asking good questions. Just one example: “Could you elaborate on what differenciates your organization?” We have developed finely-tuned queries that set the stage for further diagnosis and insights, recommendations and custom solutions that best meet and exceed your goals. This complimentary conversation will just take a few minutes, so that you can easily decide if we are the right fit… and if not, that’s okay. 

BOOK A QUICK CALL – Let’s chat & next steps >

We’re very easy to get along with, we get results, and we are not prima donnas. We would really like to work with you! Its just that responding to RFPs isn’t who we are, and we owe it to you, to explain why.

We assure you, that you’ll get MORE value out of chatting with us, than you ever will from a bewildering barrage of RFP responses.

We operate an 8-person boutique marketing firm — staffing only the best experts — making it critical that we allocate resources for the best possible expertise and service for your goals. Our clients are our biggest asset and increasing their business success is where our focus lies. When you think about it, isn’t that the type of marketing partnership you would like to have . . . one that dedicates the majority of the firm’s time to their clients?

Please have a look at these informative links below — a very short 1min video about our firm and a case study. 

Who we are >
Interesting case study >

After viewing the video and case study, consider a quick call with us to see if there is a fit between our organizations. If you agree there are some synergies, then lets look at the possibility of fulfilling specific RFP requirements. But let’s at least get to know each other, have a cup of coffee (or two) either in person or over the phone, and start a discussion about your business growth!

BOOK A QUICK CALL – Lets chat & next steps >

We look forward to chatting with you about how we can move your business forward…